Business experience

Aspengrove AB, represented by senior ITS consultant Lars Åke Asplund, has a deep and long experience in the field of intelligent transport systems and services (ITS).


Focus is on business development as well as analysis and strategic investigations.


Examples of later assignments:


Swedish Transport Administration:

  • As senior advisor preparing and contributing to the development of a new ITS strategy and action plan.
  • ITS-expert and senior advisor in the Next-ITS project.
  • Conducting a pilot study on developing and implementing a National Access Point according to the Delegated Acts under the ITS Directive (2010/40/EU).
  • ITS-expert and senior advisor in the EasyWay project with the purpose to harmonize Traveller Information Services (TIS) in Europe.
  • Planning and conducting a workshop with the aim to include cooperative systems and an approach to autonomous cars in the general strategy.
  • Participated in the development of the basis for a new intermodal (multimodal) traffic strategy.
  • Investigation regarding the future use/development of the traffic information system TRISS.
  • Writing of a paper for the ITS world congress in Detroit 2014 on the subject “Cooperation, a prerequisite for result”. Paper accepted for the congress.
  • Investigation and analysis regarding ITS outside larger cities (Rural ITS)
  • Performing a study regarding the Transport Administrations need for and benefits of Innovative Environments and Test Arenas.

Swedish Transport Agency:

Support during implementation and launching of the nation wide database for traffic regulations (RDT), published on


Tekis AB:

Investigation on strategy and business development within the ITS area. Focus on environmental systems and home care services within the public sector.


CGI Sweden AB:

Strategic advisor in a project for developing and implementing a system for tracking and handling dangerous goods.


Combitech AB:

Business consultant and ITS-expert in R&D-project concerning vulnerable road users especially during the winter season.


Logica Sweden AB:

  • ITS-expert at seminars/workshops to initiate a major electric car project.
  • Responsible for coordination of efforts and collaboration regarding digital infrastructure before, during and after the ITS World Congress in Stockholm 2009


ITS World Congress:

  • Participated with demonstrations, presentations and/or papers in a number of ITS World Congresses from Berlin (1997) to Detroit (2014).


ITSdalarna AB:

  • Participating in referral work regarding energy and climate strategy for the Dalecarlia region.
  • Writing of paper for the ITS world congress in Vienna 2012 on the theme “Establishing an ITS Cluster”. Paper accepted for the congress.
  • Member of the Board of Directors.